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waste film washing line

waste film washing line

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  • Product description:waste film washing line film shredding, crushing and washing solutions, it can be used in different levels of contamination materials, including PE PP film, PP fiber waste, waste film package scraps,
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waste film washing line consist of belt conveyor, metal detector, single double film shredder/crusher,  floating tank, high speed friction washer, special film squeezer or film densifier machine, centrifugal dewatering machine, drying system, cyclone silo and so on.

PURUI company has a new type shredder&crusher specially designed for films. The film shredder has double shaft and special blade construction, it can effectively crush the films and increase the output. The final size of the film is very suitable for the following washing line, and also save energy&labor.

At the same time, it can be equipped with waste film baler machine, waste film cutter machine, and drum sorting system (can effectively sort the sediment and stone inside the film, protect the blade of the rear crusher without damage).

The dryer part can also be equipped with latest film squeezer (used to squeeze out the inner water of the film, improve the drying in a way, save the heating electricity efficiently).

The waste film washing line can be designed according to the customers’ materials condition and the quality requirements of finished products.

waste film recycling line processing technique is very mature, high automation and output, less investment and manpower, low energy consumption, convenient operation and maintenance. Our PE PP recycling line has been sold all over the world. It’s very popular among all customers at home and abroad.


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