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Plastic Shredder

  • Plastic shredder
Plastic shredder

Plastic shredder

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The shredder series is equipped with a powerful two-speed swing arm that eliminates the risk of clogging and wearing internal rails. The machine is used in a wide variety of applications and can be used to crush a variety of materials for different industries. Rotors with a diameter of 400-600 mm and a width of 800 to 3000 mm are driven by one or more gearboxes. In order to save space and protect it from damage, the hydraulic power unit is perfectly integrated on the machine casing, but it does not increase the difficulty of machine maintenance and is still easy to use or remove. The standard S-type rotor and tool holder design, the use of external bearings and hydraulically operated screen mounts have been recognized by customers and received good feedback.
This machine can further adjust the design according to the processing of the customer's processing waste. Customers can choose the cooling system, rotor surface material and other wear-resistant surface.


The shredder is designed to meet the waste recycling requirements of various industries. The input materials can be various kinds of plastics, such as block plastic, pipe, film, woven bag and other general waste recycling; such as cable and electronic waste Recycling; recycling of household garbage from paper, wood and other organic materials. There are a wide variety of recyclable materials. Some materials can be directly recycled after being shredded, and some can be transported to shredder for further refinement.


Heavy Duty Single Shaft Shredder
small single shaft shredder
double shaft shredder
standard single shaft shredder
large diameter pipe shredder
The advantages of the shredder

1. Low speed, high torque, gear transmission
2. Powerful swing hydraulic pusher
3. Proven and well designed
4. Compared to the horizontal push of the traditional shredder, it has a smaller Volume
5. The bolt is on the drive shaft, easy to replace
6. Multi-function rotor design and materials
7. Standard two-speed hydraulic


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