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  • Hopper feeding recycling machine
Hopper feeding recycling machine

Hopper feeding recycling machine

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  • single screw extruder
  • hopper feeder
  • Product description:single screw extruder is a universal recycling pelletizing machine suitable for pre-crushed, heavy rigid regrind scraps such as bottles, pipes, containers and lumps in the form of granules. Applicable
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Hopper feeding recycling machine

A flexible recycling line for both hard and soft material


Model Name


Final Product

Plastic pellets/granule

Machine components

Hopper feeder, extruder, pelletizing unit, water cooling unit, drying unit, silo tank

Recycling Material


Output range

100kg~ 1200 kg/hr


Direct hopper feeding for heavy weight rigid regrind (force feeder can be added if light-weighted film flakes needs to be processed)

Screw Diameter

65~200mm (customized)

Screw L/D

32/1,33/1,36/1,42/1 (customized)

Screw Material

38CrMoA1A, Nitrogen treatment or bi-alloy


Single or double vented degassing, Unvented for non-printed film (customized)

Cutting Type

Hot die face pelletizing (water ring pelletizing)

Cooling Type

Water cooled


Customized based on request (For example: USA 480V 60Hz, Mexico 440V/220V 60Hz, Saudi Arabia 380V 60Hz, Nigeria 415V 50Hz...)

Optional Devices

Metal detector, conveyor belt, screw feeder, force feeder

Delivery Time

30-90 days


1 year

Technical Assistance

Engineers available to service machinery overseas

The SJ(single screw extruder)model is a universal recycling pelletizing machine suitable for pre-crushed, heavy rigid regrind scraps such as bottles, pipes, containers and lumps in the form of granules. Applicable materials are mainly HDPE, LDPE, PP, PA, PC, PU, PBU, ABS and others.It can also process light-weighted soft packaging material such as pre-crushed film flakes, PP raffia, PE/PP woven, PE foam and many others with the addition of a force feeder on the feeding hopper.


The feeding speed is controlled and adjusted automatically for different types of material shape and weight to ensure stable feeding and output production. When processing rigid regrind (granule), the force-feeding mechanism can be switched off.


Machine Advantage:

material is fed into the hopper directly without the need for pre-heating before extrusion. When processing rigid regrind or compressed washed flakes (processed by a squeezer dryer), this system ensures a faster and easier machine starting and stopping process comparing to other systems (for example, a machine with a integrated cutter compactor which requires pre-heating of the cutter compactor before machine start). 

From a hopper feeder, the rigid regrind (or film flakes) is transported directly into the extruder by a screw conveyor (or a belt feeder) without being pre-cutting or compacted. The rate of the feeding is controlled automatically based on the load of the extruder motor (ampere meter). By this method the system can prevent over or under feeding of material.

Flexible add-ons and customization:

Screw conveyor or belt conveyor can be added to facilitate material feeding

A large anti-bridging storage tank can be added at the feeding section for storing large-volume waste. The constantly turning rotors can prevent flakes from bridging inside the tank. Positioned on top of the feeder screw, the anti-bridging silo provides continuous supply of flakes with a precisely controlled feeding mechanism

A crusher can be added for pre-crushing the material before entering the extruder.

Unvented, single or double degassing can be customized depending on material type and condition

Vacuum degassing system and two-channel filter can be added to the machine

Water ring die face cutting or strand die (spaghetti type) pelletizers are available depending on preference

A metal-detector can be added onto the conveyor belt for additional protection


Name: Ms. Monar meng




Add:B17, jinfeng science and technology pioneer Park, jinfeng town, Zhangjiagang City, Jiangsu Province, China.

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