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New Techinal of Bale opener

bale opener can open bales of various types of material. Both wired bales and plastic wrapped bales can be debaled with bale opener. The machine is provided with a conveyor belt which transports the bales to the drum. The drum is fitted with teeth which loosens the bales. The loosened material will be transported out of the machine in its original form ready to further process.

The debaler can come as a stationary unit or a semi-mobile unit fitted with transport wheels in order to be moved over short distance on-site.


The ReTec bale opener opens bales of various materials:
– Straw bales
– PET / Plastic bales
– Recovered paper / cardboard bales

Due to our engineering department, PURUI is able to provide a turn-key-solution fitted to the customer’s needs.


Name: Ms. Monar meng




Add:B17, jinfeng science and technology pioneer Park, jinfeng town, Zhangjiagang City, Jiangsu Province, China.

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