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Plastic Recycle Machine testing succeed in PURUI Factory

we are going to have three sets ML100/SJ120  been tested in this week. The tested material will be the laminated film such like PET+PE+PP film.

Actually, this clinet has already purchased one set ML100/SJ120 in Oct., 2018 for doing their leftover material(PET+PE+PP laminated film). And the machine had been put into operation in customer's workshop in Feb. this year. Through the half-year observation, the customer affirmed the quality of our equipment and expressed considerable satisfaction with the timely after-sales service of PURUI. So in this June 2019, this company and PURUI signed an order for three sets of ML100/SJ120.


Name: Ms. Monar meng




Add:B17, jinfeng science and technology pioneer Park, jinfeng town, Zhangjiagang City, Jiangsu Province, China.

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