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Heatwave in China is the most severe ever recorded in the world

Low rainfall and record-breaking heat across much of China are having widespread impacts on people, industry and farming. River and reservoir levels have fallen, factories have shut because of electricity shortages and huge areas of crops have been damaged. The situation could have worldwide repercussions, causing further disruption to supply chains and exacerbating the global food crisis.

Due to human-driven climate change, how we can protect our world in our lives? PURUI PLASTIC RECYCLING all do our works to solution the problem of recycle plastic. plastic recycling could save our environment and make a sustainable development. As the resources in the world are in limited. Also the property of the plastics make it not easy to naturally decomposite in the air and earth. Some plastics are in recycling cycle, while some are landfilled and throw into the ocean which make a big threat to the land contamination and ocean creatures lives. Probably the reuse and recycle is part of our lifes in the future. All over the world have made and update constantly some laws and regulations on the plastic recycling to ensure the plastic recycling industry run in a good and healthy ways. The PCR(post consumer recycled) and PIR(post industrial recycled) will be very common in our lifes.

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August is coming to an end, PURUI recycling is still busy with production and delivery machines for customers in despite the power cuts and high temperature. In the coming September purchasing season, PURUI recycling has been ready for steady and orderly production.


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