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Chinaplas 2019-Plastic recycling machine

PURUI company will be attendance the Chinaplas2019 At Guangzhou city, China. opening time: 21th-24th in May. and our booth no. :2.1F21  we will show the new design of plastic recycling washing and granulating machine.

PURUI Company is a globally recognized plastic recycling machine manufacturer who specializes in post-industrial (in-house) recycling of PE/PP packaging film and PP raffia/woven, providing the most simple, easy-operating recycling system in the market today.Mainly products of ours include high frequency corotating twin screw extruders,  counter rotating twin screw extruders, conical twin screw extruders,single screw extruders, three machines integral film recycling & granulating equipment, PET recycling & granulating equipment and plastic washing recycling granulating lines and so on.


Name: Ms. Monar meng




Add:B17, jinfeng science and technology pioneer Park, jinfeng town, Zhangjiagang City, Jiangsu Province, China.

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