We are a leading manufacturer of plastic recycling extrusion machines, washing equipment, and auxiliary equipment in China. With over 500 sets in operation worldwide.

a factory floor plan of a factory with a large machinea factory floor plan of a factory with a large machine
a bottle of pet bottle and a bottle of water
a bottle of pet bottle and a bottle of water
Plastic Pelletizing machine
Plastic Recycling and Washing machine
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We offer a wide range of plastic recycling services, including cutting, washing, and pelletizing. Our expertise covers various types of plastic, such as PP, PE, HDPE, LDPE, LLDPE, ABS, PS, and PET.

Our Services

plastic granulation machine for filmplastic granulation machine for film

Our services include film cutting and washing recycling machines, trash bag recycling machines, shrink film extrusion systems, packaging film recycling machine. A plastic recycling machine is a device used to process and transform plastic waste into usable materials. This innovative technology aims to reduce plastic pollution and promote sustainability. The machine works by collecting plastic waste and sorting it based on its type and quality. It then goes through a series of processes such as shredding, melting, and reforming to convert the plastic into pellets or flakes. These recycled materials can then be used to manufacture new plastic products, reducing the need for virgin plastics and conserving valuable resources. The plastic recycling machine plays a crucial role in the circular economy by closing the loop and giving plastic waste a second life.

Plastic Recycling

Latest Projects-Squeezer Dryer Improve Post-consumer Plastic Film Recycling
PP/PE film squeezer machine, granulator machinePP/PE film squeezer machine, granulator machine

Plastic Recycling & Washing Equipment

We specialize in recycling various types of plastic film, including PP, PE, and BOPP packaging films. Our recycling process ensures high-quality plastic pellets for reuse.

In post-consumer plastic recycling, pre-washed film waste coming directly from the washing line contains a very high percentage of moisture that is difficult to reduce using traditional drying machines.

Even after the drying process, the excessive water that remains in the light-weight plastic film flakes results in inconsistent feeding and low output in the plastic extruders.

One of the better solutions to improve the drying process is to use the plastic squeezer dryer.

It offers a fast and efficient way to reduce moisture levels from 40% down to only 2-5%, which better prepares the plastic material for the extrusion-pelletizing process that follows.

Trash Bag Recycling

Our advanced recycling machines are capable of efficiently recycling PE trash bags, turning them into high-quality plastic pellets.

color sorting for PET bottlecolor sorting for PET bottle
PET Bottle Recycling

Eddy sorting is a technique used in fluid dynamics to separate particles based on their sizes or densities. It takes advantage of the swirling motion created by eddies, which are small whirlpools formed in a fluid flow. The concept is similar to how a centrifuge works, where the heavier or larger particles are forced towards the outer edge while the lighter or smaller ones stay closer to the center. Eddy sorting can be applied in various industries such as mining, environmental sciences, and waste management to efficiently separate different materials. By harnessing the natural phenomenon of eddies, this method offers an effective solution for particle separation, reducing the need for manual sorting and increasing overall efficiency.

We offer complete sorting, cutting, and washing recycling lines for PET bottles, transforming them into clean and usable plastic pellets.

green plant
green plant
PET/PE/PP/PS Film Recycling

Our washing recycling machines effectively clean and recycle Plastic waste, reducing environmental impact and promoting sustainability.

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