• 22 2019-10 good shock in K show 2019
    K show 2019 in germany, plastic recycle machine, PURUI company have big succeful in K show. Manufacture of plastic recycle machine, PP/PE film recycle machine, plastic pelletizer machine
  • 24 2019-09 Hot Topics at K 2019
    PURUI company will be there as exhibitor in Germany. our booth No. 8B C11-6.We invite you to discuss at K 2019! plastic recycling machine, post-consumer recycle.
  • 19 2019-03 How are plastics recycled
    PET polyester fiber pelletizing machine,Film Garanulating line, post-consumer waste pelletizing machine, recycling of post consumer LDPE-PP film, Post industrial recycling machine,
  • 16 2019-04 Chinaplas 2019-Plastic recycling machine
    PURUI company will be attendance the Chinaplas2019 At Guangzhou city, China. opening time: 21th-24th in May. and our booth no. :2.1F21 we will show the new design of plastic recycling washing and granulating machine.

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